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Happy 8th Birthday Zwicky!


May 14th 2019 is the Zwicky's 8th birthday! Contact Griderz Luv inworld and see what happens...

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Save this date: May 14th, 2018!


What's coming up May 14th, 2018? The Zwicky will be celebrating 7 years in SL! Yes! 7 years have passed since the Zwicky creatures arrived in the SL galaxy near you!



It's been a fun run so far and we never thought we'd be still around after this long haul!


So big Griderz hugz to one and all! Keep your transdimensional drives full of Zwicky! The ride will be smoother and full of sweet Zwicky Luv!


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Happy to see the Zwicky alive and well in SL!

Hello to all Zwicky breeders! It's been a while since I've been here! But the Zwicky have lived on in SL even without my presence. From their release date back in 2011 the Zwicky have been entertaining many owners. I hope all the new owners enjoy them as much as I have and the many past owners as well. Feel free to chat with me or others on the Zwicky Chat group! Take care and big Griderz Hugz!

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Update 3.00 and Zwicky Secure

It's been almost a month since Zwicky version 3.00 has been released and so far no bad issues have come up,

 If you're using the new Zwicky Secure orb then please let me know if you've had any problems with it?

Personally, I haven't seen any big issues so far but I'm just one person and things always seem to break in global use...


If you notice a bug, please let me or Pat know inworld.

If you love it and it's working great let us know also, we'd love to here from you too!


Thanks and big hugz!


Griderz Luv


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Happy Third Anniversary Griderz Zwicky!

Yes I know! It's hard to believe that the Zwicky were released 3 years ago today!

So many updates ago, we sent forth the invasion of Zwicky and changed how SL breedables behaved.

Not just a breedable but a living creature that interacts with avatars, objects and other Zwicky in a more natural way!

A creature filled with wants and desires just like us, and most of all full of LOVE!

Zwicky know when avatars are around and react by showing love for their favorites.

Plus now with the introduction of version 3.00 they will be able to show aggression towards intruders to your land!

There's a new tool called the Zwicky Secure orb.

This allows you to control access to your owned parcel(s) by commanding Zwicky to patrol for intruders and even send them home!

On damage enabled parcels the Zwicky can kill intruders by shooting energy orbs at them!

Enough said about the new stuff I don't want to give away all the secrets...


Everyone is invited to our Zwicky Third Anniversary party the main store (

on Saturday, May 17th 2014


There will be fight demo's, door prizes and lots of Zwicky talk. You may learn something new about the Zwicky...


Bring a friend :)

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Zwicky In-World: 9975
Zwicky Male In-World: 1492
Zwicky Female In-World: 8483